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We recognize that each student has their own unique set of dreams, aspirations, fears and barriers. Their individual experiences have helped shape who they are and their vision for the future. We support them on the path to realizing that vision.


We believe it takes a holistic approach to unlock the full potential for lifelong success in every student. That's why our program integrates a set of essential supports, combined to make the biggest impact in the lives of our students.

Effective & Proven

Over 70 years, the evidence is clear: our approach works, and empowers our students to achieve real-time success and fulfill their lifelong dreams.

We Do

Denver Kids believes it takes academic support, enrichment, social-emotional tools and future planning to unlock full, lifelong success for every student. Simply offering ONE or SOME of these elements isn’t enough. Our students need—and deserve—the aggregate power of ALL of these supports.
Our model, proven for more than 75 years, is differentiated by strategically creating, and constantly evolving and improving, a holistic experience that supports the young people we serve as individuals, students, and future leaders.
Programmatic Elements

Educational SEL Counseling

Relationship-driven support provided by long-term, trusted, expert counselors

Social, Emotional and Academic Learning (SEAL) Tools

Infused throughout everything we do, with benchmarks and measures to ensure efficacy and continued improvement

Future Planning

Helping students explore a myriad of opportunities after high school, including college, technical training and career exploration

Enrichment Experiences

Eye-opening experiences that stoke students’ curiosity and embolden their dreams


Volunteer mentors serve as another role model and cheerleader as students reach for their future goals

Breadth & Depth

Our program model allows us both breadth and depth:
Serving more than 900 students in approximately 90 DPS schools
An average
7 years* of support

*On average, we offer consistent support to a student for seven years—establishing trust that’s integral to success. We also work closely with their families and schools—parents, guardians, educators, counselors and other school-based interventionists—to be sure we’re activating every champion around our students, and strengthening their network of support inside and outside of our program.