Senior Spotlight: Ariela's Story

Student Spotlight

Meet Ariela, a Denver Kids student who recently graduated with both a high school diploma and an associate degree in architecture. Ariela has always been eager to learn and share her Denver Kids experience, even joining our Youth Advisory Board this last year to help make a difference for future Denver Kids students by sharing her perspective. 

Denver Kids played an important role in Ariela’s growth this school year, especially through personalized support and exposure to new experiences. She and her Denver Kids Advisor, Jenn, formed a strong connection, sharing many memorable moments. A highlight was their visit to the University of Denver, which solidified Ariela's dream to pursue higher education. 

“From the beginning, Ariela has embodied what it means to be in our program and utilize all of the resources and opportunities we have available to our students,” shared Jenn. "I couldn’t be more proud and look forward to seeing her continue to flourish after high school.”

Ariela was recently featured in a Denver7 story, where she talked about her navigating life after high school as a first generation high school graduate pursuing her bachelors degree. One of the ways Ariela plans to get support in her first year of college is by staying involved with Denver Kids through our Youth Pathways Postsecondary Program (YP3), which provides her with continued Denver Kids support for one year of postsecondary education.