2023 Denver Kids Graduation and Postsecondary Success Rates

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We are thrilled to share our 2023 Denver Kids student success rates. Fueled by your generosity, these remarkable outcomes are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students, staff, and community:

  • On-time graduation rate: 86% (students who earned a diploma in 4 years)
  • On-time graduation & completion rate: 90% (students who earned a diploma or GED certificate in 4 years)

And the good news doesn't stop there!

  • Of those students who successfully completed high school, an impressive 84% are now pursuing postsecondary education options

In 2023, 98 hardworking, resilient Denver Kids students successfully graduated high school. On average, these students have been part of our program for more than seven years, reflecting the enduring relationships that are at the core of our mission.Throughout their journey, these students received crucial support from Denver Kids Educational SEL Counselors (ESCs), volunteer mentors, and staff. The aggregate power of all of these supports empowered students to explore various postsecondary options, including technical and trade schools, two and four-year colleges, and more.

Your support allowed us to successfully implement our program, unlocking the full potential in each student we serve. Thank you for your role in empowering our young people as individuals, students, and future leaders. Your support is truly impacting lives, and we are grateful for your dedication to Denver Kids.