Mireya & Diane


January is National Mentoring Month! Did you know that in addition to their professional Educational SEL Counselor, many Denver Kids students are paired with a volunteer mentor? One such pair, Mireya and Diane, were recently matched in November.

“It's clear to me that, in addition to supporting her and her goals over the next year and beyond, there is so much she will be teaching me."
Diane, Denver Kids Volunteer Mentor

Mireya is in 5th grade, and she wanted a mentor so she has someone to talk to. She comes from a large family, so she really values the one-on-one time that comes with having Diane as her volunteer mentor.

“It's been great to hear about her family and friends, likes and dislikes, and everything in between,” says Diane.

So far, they’ve had fun planning possible activities together, and most recently they baked brownies, virtually! Click here to learn more about volunteer mentoring at Denver Kids. #Mentoring #NationalMentoringMonth