CEO Jay Grimm Celebrates One Year with Denver Kids


Happy one year work anniversary to our CEO, Jay Grimm. To celebrate this milestone, he wrote the below letter to our community: 

Dear Denver Kids Community,

A lot can happen in a year.

Just as anniversaries mark milestones of growth and commitment in our personal lives, my first year as CEO of Denver Kids has mirrored such milestones. It's been a year of learning, growth, and, most importantly, seeing your support's impact firsthand. Your generosity has played an instrumental role in our achievements, directly contributing to positive changes in the lives of the students we serve. Reflecting on the last year, I am inspired by what we have accomplished:

  • Hired four new Educational SEL Counselors, expanding our capacity to support more students.
  • Concluded our last strategic plan and began strategizing for the next three years, focusing on our keys to success with the same unwavering passion and programs that have defined us since 1946.
  • Celebrated remarkable student outcomes, with an on-time graduation rate of 86% and 84% of our graduates pursuing postsecondary education.

Discovering the stories within our nearly 80-year Denver Kids archive, including a 1951 vinyl filled with voices from the past, has reminded me of our enduring legacy. It’s clear that the essence of our work is rooted in the strength of our relationships, which you have helped build and sustain.

Take, for example, the growth that Educational SEL Counselor (ESC) Jenn saw in one of her students who aspired to gain experience from a welding internship but struggled with low grades. With Jenn's support, this student improved her grades to A's and B's, driven by her goal to secure the internship she missed last summer because of summer school. Jenn's partnership with her student highlights how consistent, supportive relationships can inspire students to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams optimistically. 

As I mark my first year with Denver Kids, the celebration is truly about our shared journey. Thank you for your continued belief in our mission and the potential of every student at Denver Kids.


Jay Grimm, CEO