Alumni Spotlight: Camille


Meet Denver Kids Alumna, Camille! She graduated from high school (and the Denver Kids program) in 2013, and has since gone on to graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder. Currently, she is a law student at the University of Denver. Read our recent Q&A with her to learn more about Camille!

When and why did you join Denver Kids?
I joined Denver Kids in third grade. One of the teachers I loved recommended me to the program. I had no idea she had done it until my Educational SEL Counselor appeared.

What was your relationship with your Educational SEL Counselor like?
My relationship with my Counselor was like a mother-daughter relationship. She was and is a second mom to me.

What types of support did she provide to you over the years?
She played a role in everything I did. She was always there to provide support that was needed. She was emotional support when I lost family members. She was academic support as well.

She got me to apply for a scholarship in sixth grade when I wasn’t even thinking about college yet. That scholarship helped me afford college. She was there as a support system when I was figuring out how I could get the most money for scholarships.

What does your Denver Kids Educational SEL Counselor mean to you?
She means the world to me. Without her, I truly believe the woman I am today would not be. She helped unlock my belief in myself. She helped me see that no matter the adversity, all I have to do is put my head down and go to work—if I get knocked down, I just have to get back up.

What growth did you see in yourself throughout your time at Denver Kids?
I always say Denver Kids is the reason I’m me. When I first met my Counselor, I had a learning disability that had made itself known, and I was figuring out how to keep fighting and going forward. I went from being behind in reading levels to reading at a college level. I went on to be in advanced classes and get awards for the honor roll.

I always say Denver Kids is the reason I’m me.
Denver Kids Alumna, Camille

What did you do after graduating high school and what are you doing now?
After graduating high school, I went straight to college at CU Boulder. After graduating with two degrees in both ethnic studies and political science, I started canvassing to get out there and ensure change was made.

After that, I applied to law school and was accepted to four. I decided to attend the University of Denver. I am currently a second year law student. I’m also the president of the Black Law Student Association, a member of the Student Bar Association, and an extern at the Denver City’s Attorney Civil Litigation Unit.

What are your ultimate goals in life?
My ultimate goal is to be a US Senator. But mostly my goal is to open or knock down doors so others can walk through them.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
There are several accomplishments I am most proud of. First, so I could start law school healthy, I’m proud of how I went through three major surgeries in the span of a year. Another accomplishment I am proud of is the fact that I graduated college as a first-generation student and left a mark during my time at CU Boulder.

Why do you think Denver Kids is an important program?
Denver Kids has helped so many get to where they are. Denver Kids staff show up for their students and help any way they can to make sure their students get to the next goal or dream.

What would you say to current Denver Kids students?
I would say, please use Denver Kids and trust in the process. Know that at the end of it all, Denver Kids will have your back and make sure you come out of the program better and well equipped for the world, college, and whatever else you end up doing.